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Plataforma Capital originated from e-Platform Venture Partners, which was founded in November 1999, becoming one of the first Brazilian early stage investors. At the beginning, it managed investments of its general partners and high net worth individuals. On May 2000, e-Platform received a new round of funding from strategic financial investors, which included Unibanco; Brasil Warrant, the holding company of Unibanco’s controlling shareholders, the Moreira Salles family, and Marcos de Moraes - founder of ZipNet.

Case BuscaPe

Our great investment success case to date is BuscaPe Inc., which was acquired by the Naspers Group from South Africa in 2009 for US$342M. This is the biggest exit of a venture capital company in Brazil to date.

Focus Areas

Our focus is on technology applied to big markets that can generate big disruptions through new solutions. Our focus markets are Education, Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services – and all type of “mobile” applications.